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Ray Wilson OAM
Sep 25, 2018
Football, Behind The Scenes
Football, Behind The Scenes

Ray Wilson OAM, a previous Hawthorn Football Club player will be our guest speaker.

'Wilson, a wingman, made his debut for Hawthorn in 1966 and won that season's best and fairest award. He played on the interchange bench in Hawthorn's 1971 grand final win over St Kilda.
Before being recruited by Hawthorn Ray captained the University Blacks.
Ray sits on a number of charitable foundations and has also been a board member of the Victorian Institute of Sport and AFL Players’ Association'
This is also the day to wear your footy scarves and beanies to get into the Grand Final spirit!
Chair: Simon O'Donoghue

(Photo Credit: The Age)


District Governor Bronwyn Stephens
Oct 02, 2018
How You Can Be The Inspiration.
John Botham
Oct 16, 2018
Captain ‘Old King’ Cole: from Port Phillip Pioneer to Victorian Patriarch
Oct 23, 2018
Ken Linnett
Oct 30, 2018
From Zero To Hero


The Rotary Club of Hawthorn conducted its first Welcome Dinner on Sunday 16th September at the Auburn Bowls Club.
Our guests represented a wide range of communities and it was evident to the organisers that there was a genuine welcoming atmosphere as we discovered new friends, new cuisines and and new interests.
The event was very capably coordinated by our Rotary club which was well represented and the Join the Dots organisation who provided facilitators to ensure everything went smoothly.
From reports received our guests, some of whom had only been Australia for a short time, were delighted with the warmth of the welcome extended to them and their families. This was a small but significant step towards building positive relations across all our diverse community groups.
Special thanks to Katrina Flinn who initiated this event, President Ian Bentley, our local member John Persutto and the Hawthorn Rotarians who participated so enthusiastically.
We also acknowledge the generosity of the Auburn Bowls Club for providing the venue.

Hawthorn Rotarians braved a cold and windy Sunday to celebrate the 21stbirthday of the Ftritsch Holzer Park.

The park was named after Augustus Fritsch and the Holzer brothers who formed the Upper Hawthorn Brick Company in 1883. The factory employed around 50 people and produced 250,000 bricks a week, which were used throughout Victoria.

Council bought the area in 1972 and used it as a landfill site until 1986, then as a temporary waste transfer station until 1989. In the years that followed the site was left empty to allow the landfill to stabilise.

Council, together with the Federal and Victorian Governments, and the Rotary Club of Hawthorn, reconstructed the area into a park in 1995.

Boroondara Council had arranged dozens of grass and shrubs to add to the planted areas, and dozens of volunteers turned up to help. Starting at 10am, they planted 2,000 trees/shrubs/grasses and had the job completed by noon: great work! 

Hawthorn Rotary’s barbecue and a coffee stall were kept busy serving refreshmants: many stayed on for a chat, and to hear the presentation. Even the Honorable Josh Frydenberg MP made an appearance, (to assist with the quality control  ;-) 

President Ian Bentley introduced Mayor Jim Parke, who gave a brief summary of the history of the brickworks, and how local government had joined with Hawthorn Rotary to establish the park, with Federal Government funding.

Our member for Hawthorn, John Pesutto included some young volunteers to assist in his energetic presentation.

President Ian thanked the volunteers for their contribution to the improvement of this wonderful amenity, and PP Katrina Flinn for  organising the event.


Girl Guides at work in the shrubbery

A happy group of community volunteers

Hawthorn Rotary Barbecue, with sampler Josh Frydenberg MHR

Cutting the cake: John Pesutto MP, Cr Coral Ross, Mayor Jim Parke, and President Ian Bentley.


Team Gathering at Sophia’s
Prizes were handed out at the Salvo Hawks team gathering at Sophia’s Pizza and Pasta Restaurant. Rotary Hawthorn got an honourable mention, but no trophy (thank goodness – where would we have kept it?!)
Katrina and I attended; and I said a few words to express our gladness at being able to help out, and to thank everyone for making us so welcome.  I think I also said how proud we were that we (essentially Mick and Katrina) had got the scoreboard working.  That thought was spoiled by the fact that, at the last home game, we simply could not get it to work.  Mick and Katrina have bravely taken on the task of cajoling the Boroondara Council to improve the system before next footy season!
Grand Final Series
This was not a customary grand final. Over the course of three consecutive days, each team plays one match.  And every player of every team gets a medallion.  This is in line with the ethos of the RecLink League – it’s about the triumph of motivating oneself to participate; to play special-rules footy; and (in many cases) to celebrate another day of holding an addiction at bay.
The match between the Salvo Hawks and a new team from Melton started at 10.30, under sunny conditions.  Casey Radio broadcast from its caravan. Rotary Sunbury provided catering from their special trailer.  Katrina and I cheered as our Salvo Hawks trotted out onto the field – what a range of ages, stages and statures!  A pleasant time was had chatting with other hangers-on, as our Rotary Hawthorn hi-viz vests promoted who we were, and watching the play when it came up our end of the field.
Alas, the Melton Lions won.  But, being new, they weren’t much acquainted with the special rules – for which they were duly penalised. For example, I saw a big Lion gently hustle a small female Hawk, forgetting that touching females is forbidden; so ‘our Katey’ was advanced to the very mouth of the goal, from which she duly kicked a goal – just!
I’m looking forward to Rotary Hawthorn continuing our good work with the Salvo Hawks next season (presumably starting in April as usual.)  And I ask every member to try to attend at least one Home Match!
One Hawthorn Rotary program that invariably gives those members and members spouses who participate great satisfaction, is the mock interviews that we conduct each year with Year 9 and Year 10 students at Auburn High School.

Regardless of the capacity and preparedness of the student being interviewed, we are left with the feeling that they have benefited from the process and from the feedback we give them. We have fulfilled the objective of giving the student more confidence than he would otherwise have when it comes to the real thing, and in so doing have played a significant role in their career planning, awareness of the world of work and job readiness.
Photo:Tiaan being interviewed by Ian Macfarlane and Libby Owen.

On Wednesday morning, July 25, twenty members and spouses met at Auburn High School to conduct mock job interviews with Year 10 students. This followed Year 9 interviews on June 20, and comprises part of the school's 'Learning For Life' program. It is the fourth year that we have assisted with the program at Auburn High School.

As the culmination to their studies, the students apply for one of 13 positions and submit a written application and resume in support of this application. This is the forwarded to the two Rotary interviewers scheduled to interview that applicant, and we do this for 10 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of feedback on what the student did well, and where they can improve. In addition a scoresheet is forwarded to the students teacher.

Our thanks to all who participated in this much appreciated program.
On Tuesday 24thJuly we completed a four week course designed to equip students and graduates in the skills of presentation and public speaking. This the third year we have undertaken this project which was initially started by David Rush in 2016.
Each year it has been subjected to some refinements and over the last two years the participating students have benefited from the leadership of Charlotte England and Ngaire Cannon who were supported by David Rush and Noel Halford.
We were delighted to have ten graduates, the majority of whom have come from overseas, complete the program. The development in confidence and presentation skills was most impressive particularly when the majority have English as their second language. Certificates were presented to all who completed the four-week program.
Elena Verzub, Associate Director, Learning and Academic Skills Centre, thanked our Rotarians for providing their experience and skills in making the course possible.
This was a valuable project for our Rotary Club and it clearly ignited interest in Rotary from a most impressive group of students a number of whom have already indicated they would like to be involved in some of our forthcoming projects.  We expect to continue the public speaking project next year.
John Millington of Nhill Rotary Club waa  our guest speaker on 31stJuly. Thirty-two years in Rotary, Club President twice and once an Assistant Governor, John was General Manager of Luv-a-Duck in Nhill before he retired a few years ago. The company was producing 100,000 ducks weekly, and were using 457 visas to obtain suitable workers. John told the story of how 160 Karen refugees have been relocated to Nhill, and over 100 of these are now in full-time employment. 
The Karen province in southern Myanmar is near the Thai border, and the mainly Christian population sided with the British during the Second World War. Other Burmese groups sided with the Japanese, and reprisals against the Karen have continued since then. Many have fled across the border to Thailand, where there are currently 43,000 refugees in the main camp. 
John Millington heard of two refugee families in Werribeee, and attended a meeting to find out more. A PowerPoint presentation about Luv-a-Duck was enthusiastically viewed by 120 refugees, some of whom were invited too Nhill to meet the local community. Five refugees started work in 2010, and they were accommodated in the former Doctor’s residence. This building has become the base for the current Karen community. 
Now in 2018, the Karen people are part on the Nhill scene: fifty work for Luv-a-Duck and fifty for other companies: the 24thKaren family has bought a house. Others have started businesses, such as the Paw Po Company which sells sewing products, a flower shop and an Asian food shop. 
The Karen are keen to become involved in community activities, to thank and give back to the Nhill people. They have demonstrated this in their New Year and Water Festivals, and by joining in the Anzac Parade.
Local people are happy to see an increase in population, a reliable work force, more volunteers, and improving infrastructure. On the other hand, the Karen people have found hope, happiness, peace and freedom. 
It is hard to imagine a better win-win project. 
Photos:  John and Margaret Millington
Paw Po Weaving
I believe that everyone was aware that this was a big task and I can safely say that it went off like clockwork, on Saturday 7thApril at Box Hill Hospital.
I am not sure how many people we had across the day with the various comings and goings but something in the order of 50+ was probably near the figure. Importantly they came from 16 different Rotary Clubs. We also had a couple of people from the Marsh Foundation who presented this opportunity to us along with one of their vans.
The container arrived at the appointed time and you could see that this in itself was quite a challenging task. So with a good team to start the removals, a team at the container to start the bed loading we were under way. We only had two lifts instead of three but with the usual Rotary organisation we soon had the beds, chairs, bedside lockers and over bed tables flowing to the loading dock.
By 10.15am – the container loading team had 60 beds and mattresses loaded and the doors closed – a really sterling effort. We had also despatched two van loads of lockers, over bed tables and chairs back to the Donations-in-Kind store where the second group swung into action.
In all seven van loads of equipment went back to the store – the last one with the doors tied back as we could not get the very last bed completely into the van. It arrived safely and thankfully did not draw any attention from any of the “powers that be!”
The DIK crew had by then stowed everything in the designated spots in the store and by about 2.30 or thereabouts all was done. That means 27 high back chairs, 84 bedside lockers and 60 over bed tables plus about 26 beds including 3 beds for several local needs.
The side loader arrived at the hospital to collect the container at 2pm and 15 minutes later was on its way back to the store ahead of delivery to the wharf next week and the eventual shipment to the Khmer–Soviet Friendship Hospital in Cambodia. The balance of the beds is destined for a hospital in Java and for several of the other “wish lists” we have on the go.
So to everyone who assisted today either at the hospital or at the DIK Store – thank you for giving up a lot of your Saturday to contribute to a great result for this big uplift project. We could never have done it without your help. Again – many thanks.
On a cold night we were delighted to welcome some new members to our group.
It was great to welcome Silas Arrrowsmith and Jahad Navaseri from our Public speaking Training Group at Swinburne. We also welcomed Evodia Alaterou who contacted us through Nabo, a local social media site.
President Ian Bentley provided a summary of activities undertaken in the last year and also we advised and provided updates on forthcoming events:
  • Tree Planting  on the 29th July has already seen over 200 citizens nominating to help plant trees at Fritsch Holzer Park.
  • Our Rotary Club will be involved and also provide a BBQ for those attending on the day.
  • Our welcome dinner for new citizens scheduled for 16th September has been well supported.
Following President Ian’s address we formed discussion groups to identify projects that could be undertaken by the Thursday Group or the larger club.
Rotary Club leaders were delighted with the enthusiasm and several imaginative suggestions for new projects, which will be considered by working groups to be appointed.
Photo: The recent formal Rotary Induction of three new members at the Thursday Group: Denbigh Richards, Pamm Robilliard and Paul Dipnall, with their sponsor Noel Halford and President Katrina Flinn.
Thanks to the Hawthorn Rotarians who helped make the meeting so productive.
The Australasian Birth Trauma Association was established in 2016 to support women and their families who are suffering postnatally from physical and /or psychological trauma resulting from the birth process, as well as the education and support for the range of health professionals who work with pre and postnatal women.
They define birth trauma as physically damaging birth processes which result in life-changing psychological and social difficulties, and psychological problems arising from the circumstances of the delivery or the process. This includes an ‘uneventful’ or satisfactory delivery from the professional point of view, but traumatising for the woman, who may feel unsupported or even misunderstood by the health professionals.
In Australia, one in three women identify their birth as traumatic. This forum was held to raise awareness of the impact of birth trauma – and the importance of detection, prevention, support and treatment.
At our meeting on 17th July, President Ian Bentley introduced the ABTA team, after welcoming DG Bronwyn Stephens and numerous visitors and guests.
Any Dawes told us about her difficult birth experience and the following prolapse, then about how she helped start the Assosciation.
She was followed by April Hogan, who told of her experience of epidural anaesthesia, forceps delivery with tear and post-partum haemorrhage, followed by a lack of recognition of her symptoms of prolapse and a long delay and being told all was normal, before a final diagnosis. 
Midwife Rachael Haywood told us about how the Assosciation was creating BT Care,  a mentoring programme to assist women who had unsatisfactory physical or psychological outcomes, with various avenues of peer support. It involves dissseminating information to the public, partners, hospital staff and health care workers, and increasing ante-natal information. 
President Ian closed the meeting at 2.00pm, and conducted a workshop with the ABTA Team and others interested, about what assistance is required, and how Rotary can be involved. 
Photo:  Dr Jessica Caudwell-Hall, Dr Oliver Daly, Amy Dawes, Rachael Haywood, Lana Sussman and April Hogan.
Subsequently President Ian commented:  “After listening to the personal experiences of young mothers, it would be hard to argue that there is not a need in our community to provide more support for women through the process of pregnancy and birth and especially to those who carry physical or psychological damage into life after the birth of their children.  The antenatal, clinical and postnatal issues are complex and there are no 'one size fits all' solutions.  There is, however, room for improvement in many areas and it behoves us to do what we can to encourage those trying to make a difference whether it is minimising birth trauma or maximising support if it is sustained.”
Project Origination: Club Service Director, Noel Halford, had a vision of a project that would benefit remote aboriginal communities. Noel arranged a Skype meeting last year with the then CEO of Boab Health services Margie Ware, and it was determined that the greatest unfunded need is for podiatry footcare packs.
Late last year, the Club had started an alternate meeting time of  once a month on Thursday evenings. It was decided that this project would be perfect for this group of people.
Project Benefits: Treatment of chronic footwear conditions does not currently have Government funding, and supports best practice in the management of foot wounds and ulcers with the aim of preventing unnecessary hospitalisation and loss of limbs. 
The delivery of the Project involved liaising with Boab Health care to verify and determine needs. Products were obtained from various suppliers, including a significant donation from Rotary  Donations-in-Kind.
A fundraising event was held in the form of a Trivia night, attended by members, partners and friends as well as prospective members, and on 26th April there was a presentation by Margie Ware to our members. This presentation was an important step to engage members in the project and to understand the challenges of the area. Following the presentation, the group worked together to pack the 40 podiatry kits, and we shared the final task of arranging transport to Broome at a subsidised rate.
Via a contact of one of our newest members, Coles agreed to add our boxes of footcare kits to their regular delivery to Broome for nil cost to the Club, with no other conditions other than we needed to deliver the packs to Coles Distribution centre in Melbourne and then collect them in Broome (arranged by Boab health). 
The Project had the following attributes:
  • It had a clear objective in fulfilling a health need in a remote indigenous area, 
  • The collaboration with Boab Health Services was critical 
  • It was a manageable project for our project in terms of time required.
  • The project had a clear endpoint and the opportunity to repeat in future years. 
  • We were able to engage and involve members and prospective members in the Project.
We subsequently inducted four new members, and also solidified the relationship with two of our newest members. Everyone involved expressed satisfaction in being part of the project. 
Reclink Football Grand Final Series
Come and cheer on our Salvo Hawks football team!
Tuesday 28 August at 10.00 am.
JL Murphy Reserve, Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne (Melway 56K1)

Whilst we have your attention, we must share the great news from Governor Peter Freuh and his Rotary Foundation Chair, Dennis Shore, in District 9800.
DG Peter has just announced that 9800 will donate US$38,000 to the Polio Eradication Program, from unused District Designated Funds this Rotary year!
Now, if my maths are correct (and remember I’m a writer not a mathematician), that US$38,000 is matched 50% by The Rotary Foundation’s World Fund, AND … that total of US$57,000 is then matched 2 for 1 by the Gates Foundation for a final total of US$171,000!!!
Congratulations Governor Peter, TRF Chair Dennis and the entire District 9800 team. That is a magnificent effort – and if it does not provide the necessary inspiration for ALL Districts to immediately get to work and dispatch unused District Designated Funds, I don’t know what will?
PDG Bob Aitken AM JP, RI END POLIO NOW Coordinator, Zones 7B/8, 2017/18
The Welcome Dinner Project is coming to Hawthorn on 16th September 2018!
The event is a collaboration between Rotary Hawthorn and NFP Joining the Dots. 
Some members will recall the presentation by Lauren Plant from Joining the Dots on the Welcome Dinner project that we had at our Thursday evening meeting. The dinner (or in this case a lunch) is a Community Lunch whereby we connect existing residents with newly arrived residents (up to 5 years in Australia). It is a way to build connections across various communities.
 Everyone brings a plate to share from their own cultural background. In the case of a Community dinner, it is more a series of lunches with each table sharing the dishes, with the opportunity to mingle and taste leftovers afterwards.  
Would you like to know more about the Welcome Dinner Project ?
or you can check out their Promo Video
What do I need from you?
1. if you know anyone that is new to the area and/or Australia, invite them to our lunch (flyer is attached). Do you have any new neighbours? (Please let me know if you would like any hard copy printouts and I can bring them to a meeting )
2. we need Rotarians to participate in the lunch , as part of the quota of existing residents. This event is a chance to put your social and networking skills to use and to showcase & be an ambassador for Rotary and our Club.
 If you would like to be a part of this Event please get onto Eventbrite via the link and register. 
The broader community is also being invited to attend, so it would be a shame if Club members are not well represented, so we do need to Book asap.
The link to view the Eventbrite bookings page is
3. volunteer to personally present the opportunity to a couple of select groups such as the Conversational English group held at the various Boroondara libraries (let Katrina know if you can assist). Nothing beats a personal approach!
Please let me know if you have any queries
Regards Katrina
RI President Barry Rassin, a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, is asking Rotarians to Be the Inspiration this Rotary year. In addressing the closing session of the 2018 Convention in Toronto, Rassin encouraged Rotarians to take the time to understand the real needs of their communities by talking to people in those communities, and to become agents of change through leading by example. Read more about Rotary’s 2018-19 president:
Rotary’s commitment to eradicating polio worldwide won Best Nonprofit Act in the Hero Awards of the One Billion Acts of Peace campaign, an international global citizens’ movement to tackle the world’s most important issues. 
The campaign is an initiative of PeaceJam Foundation and is led by 14 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, including the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Rigoberta Menchú Tum, with the ambitious goal of inspiring a billion acts of peace by 2020. 
Each year, the campaign picks two finalists in each of six categories for their work to make a measurable impact in one of the 10 areas considered most important by the Nobel laureates. Winners are chosen by people from around the world. 
Rotary and Mercy Corps were the two finalists in the Best Nonprofit Act category. 
Rotary and the five other winners were recognized at a ceremony in Monaco. Betty Williams, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 for her advocacy for peace in Northern Ireland, presented the award.
The Timor Leste project is a fabulous project supported by Rotary Hawthorn and has succeeded in obtaining a Global Foundation Matching Grant.
The Timor Rotary Consortium consists of thefollowing Clubs:- Camberwell (lead Club), Chadstone/East Malvern, Glenferrie, Hawthorn, Malvern, and Prahran. ​
One of the very powerful benefits of the project is the fact that it has succeeded in getting so many clubs to come together to make it a reality. I think that very positive contribution, strengthening the bonds between us, is an enormous plus for the project, in addition to the undeniable benefits it brings to the school children of Timor Leste. 
The project is a result of Clubs working together but we would like to acknowledge in particular John Walmsley and Vijay Susaria (from RC of Camberwell) whose leadership, commitment and drive have made this project a reality. 
The first team from the Timor Rotary Consortium comprised John Walmsley (RC Camberwell)  Rod Kenafacke (Pres RC Chadstone/East Malvern) and Abilio from the RC of Dili Lafaek.
With local co-operation the team completed its objectives of installing three Water Tanks at schools in Lebenei and Lavateri and also scoped (measuring and designing) a sufficient number of other schools sites to provide planned projects for at least another two Team visits. 
The Team’s visit also strengthened relationships with:
  • Leo Guterres and the local Baguia community including the Sub-District  Administrator.
  • The president and members of the RC of Dili Lafaek
  • Max Bird and the Western Australian RPTLE group
  • East Timor Roofing and new manager Brother Tomas, business & training advisor Ross Dalton and estimator & customer service Eugenio Belo.  
It is not possible to overstate the co-operation and assistance that we receive form Leopoldina Guterres in connection with this program and without her very generous support and co-ordination work it would be extremely difficult for us to carry out this project.
Thanks are also due to the Member Clubs of the Consortium without whose generous financial support this program would not have become a Major Project and it is only because of this support that we finally secured the Global Grant form the Rotary Foundation on the 1st June 2018.
The full report is available on the Club Website under Documents – Baguia, and photos can be seen at: 


Second Bite is a well established community service in Melbourne. Its mission is food recycling; that is, using food that would otherwise be wasted. It's about giving good, fresh ingredients new life in a commercial kitchen and, with a bit of creativity, turning them into healthy, hearty meals for people in need.


Meets Weekly for Lunch Tuesday 12.30pm for 1.00pm

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
489 Glenferrie Road
Kooyong  Vic  3144
Melbourne Australia.
 $36 including lunch.
 Meets Monthly
for a Light Dinner

Third Thursday of the Month
6:30pm for 7:00pm
Auburn Bowls Club
2B Munro St,
Hawthorn East VIC 3123
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