Posted by Gordon Cheyne
Rotary Hawthorn was founded on 24 August 1953 with 25 Charter members, under the Presidency of Ron Fowler and has earned a well-deserved reputation as an active, hardworking and fun-loving Rotary club.



Rotary Changeovers are bittersweet affairs, with fond memories of the outgoing President, and an optimistic look ahead for the incoming President and team.

We can look back to 1982-83 when David Corrigan was our President, and salute those still in the club who followed him: David Rosback, John Carre-Riddell, David Rush, Bill Troedel, Noel McInnes, Anne Scott, David Pisterman, Bernie Walshe, Dennis Shore, Henry Drury, Simon O’Donoghue, Noel Halford and Ian Macfarlane.

We proudly note that David Rosback, Bernie Walshe and Dennis Shore went on to become District Governor of District 9800.


In the last decade we saw our Presidential Chain-of-Office pass along: 



2012 Geoff Dumayne to Ngaire Cannon   -   2013 Ngaire Cannon to Gordon Cheyne



2014 Gordon Cheyne to Chris Hanson   -  2015 Chris Hanson to Lawrence Reddaway



2016 Lawrence Reddaway to Meredith Hayes  -  2017 Meredith Hayes to Katrina Flinn



2018 Katrina Flinn to Ian Bentley   -   2019 Ian Bentley to Charlotte England



2020 Charlotte England to Tilak Dissanayake   -  2021 Tilak Dissanayake to Andrew Crockett


On Saturday we shall celebrate our Rotary Changeover, and another happy year of Rotary Service.


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