Posted by Halford Noel
On Tuesday 24thJuly we completed a four week course designed to equip students and graduates in the skills of presentation and public speaking. This the third year we have undertaken this project which was initially started by David Rush in 2016.
Each year it has been subjected to some refinements and over the last two years the participating students have benefited from the leadership of Charlotte England and Ngaire Cannon who were supported by David Rush and Noel Halford.
We were delighted to have ten graduates, the majority of whom have come from overseas, complete the program. The development in confidence and presentation skills was most impressive particularly when the majority have English as their second language. Certificates were presented to all who completed the four-week program.
Elena Verzub, Associate Director, Learning and Academic Skills Centre, thanked our Rotarians for providing their experience and skills in making the course possible.
This was a valuable project for our Rotary Club and it clearly ignited interest in Rotary from a most impressive group of students a number of whom have already indicated they would like to be involved in some of our forthcoming projects.  We expect to continue the public speaking project next year.