Posted by Henry Drury

On the initiative of Rotary Albert Park, a Carnivale night out at the Melbourne Star was promoted for Rotarians to both enjoy and raise funds for the Rotary Foundation. Our attendance, when factored up by District funds, contributed some $1,500 to the cause of Polio Plus.
On the night, the Star was especially illuminated in the Rotary blue and yellow colours; but, regrettably, probably only Rotarians would realise the significance. However, it looked great!
Sunday 22 April was the date and we provided half a pod of 10 - made up of: President Katrina who accompanied our newest member Jane Tisdall, Ian and Jane Bentley, PDG Dennis Shore and Lynda, Henry and Jane Drury with PDG Ian Knight and Genny.
The curtain raiser for the evening was a 40 minute talk by astrophysicist Dr Rachel Livermore on “How big is the Universe”? A broad subject to say the least but starting with the ancient Greeks, through Copernicus, Kepler and others and ending with descriptions of cutting edge radio astronomy. There are billions of galaxies out there and surely there must be “life” other than ours lurking as yet unfound?
It was an amazingly informative and humorous presentation pitched at a level that even your correspondent could understand with relish.
The night was windless and cloudless so the views were clear, and we all greatly enjoyed the experience.
The Hawthornites then rounded out the evening with the always enjoyable cheap and cheerful fare at café Decco in Camberwell Road.