Posted by Geoff Wright
One Hawthorn Rotary program that invariably gives those members and members spouses who participate great satisfaction, is the mock interviews that we conduct each year with Year 9 and Year 10 students at Auburn High School.

Regardless of the capacity and preparedness of the student being interviewed, we are left with the feeling that they have benefited from the process and from the feedback we give them. We have fulfilled the objective of giving the student more confidence than he would otherwise have when it comes to the real thing, and in so doing have played a significant role in their career planning, awareness of the world of work and job readiness.
Photo:Tiaan being interviewed by Ian Macfarlane and Libby Owen.

On Wednesday morning, July 25, twenty members and spouses met at Auburn High School to conduct mock job interviews with Year 10 students. This followed Year 9 interviews on June 20, and comprises part of the school's 'Learning For Life' program. It is the fourth year that we have assisted with the program at Auburn High School.

As the culmination to their studies, the students apply for one of 13 positions and submit a written application and resume in support of this application. This is the forwarded to the two Rotary interviewers scheduled to interview that applicant, and we do this for 10 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of feedback on what the student did well, and where they can improve. In addition a scoresheet is forwarded to the students teacher.

Our thanks to all who participated in this much appreciated program.