Apr 04, 2023
Ahmed Tohow
The African Australian Youth and Violence

Ahmed was awarded the Ambassador for Peace award in 2018 by the Universal Peace Federation and is a Member of Rotary Melbourne.

Ahmed Tohow is based in Australia from Somalia origin, he has completed a Master of Terrorism and Security Studies as well as Master and bachelor degree of International Development Studies from Charles Sturt, RMIT and Latrobe university respectively.


Ahmed is a founder and a Director of East Africa Security and Policy Forum EASPF which aims to promote the values of peace, stability and security in East Africa.


Ahmed Tohow is the Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors of the Global Somali Diaspora gsd.org.uk


Prior to his professional career, Ahmed worked for several aid agencies, UNITAF and UNISOM’s peacekeeping mission in Somalia in 1990s. He also worked with UNISOM, Red Cross, UNHCR and IOM in Africa. He specialises in peace building, countering violent extremism, conflict resolution and community development. Ahmed has more than 15 years experience in the areas of civil war, particularly on Horn of Africa.


Rotary Melbourne awarded Ahmed the SENIORS AWARD in 2020-21:

Mr. Tohow has been actively engaging with the elders residing in City of Banyule and surrounding areas, leveraging local government and charitable programs to bridge the cultural divide and provide a positive outlook for the elders and their families. 

M.C. Dorothy Gilmour

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