Aug 29, 2023
Dr Michael Asten
What Is Foretold About Global Temperature Change? At Kooyong LTC

Similar Natural Climate Cycles of the Past Millennium in Central Europe, the Poles and East Asia; what do they tell and foretell about global temperature change?

Quantitative study of climate cycles shows that much of the warming of the past century appears to be independent of changes in atmospheric CO2; while CO2 is a greenhouse gas and must influence global warming, the natural cycles indicate that future warming will not be solely a function of CO2.  A projection to year 2100 predicts global temperature changes different from those provided by current climate models.


*Note: Michael will speak  'strictly as a scientist not a political player.'*

Michael Asten is a Professor of geophysics, now retired after 23 years in School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University, Melbourne. 

Prior to that he was a Senior Principal Geophysicist in BHP with 18 years experience in world-wide programs of research and practice of methods for the search for new mineral resources.

In 2021 he served as an Expert Reviewer for the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report on climate change. He has published 214 scientific papers and has various research awards from the Australian SEG, BHP and CSIRO for various innovations.


M.C. Charlotte England

Photo Credit: Speaker Supplied