Education CHANCES Foundation, At Kooyong,
Sep 05, 2023
Helen Worladge, Elida Brereton
Education CHANCES Foundation, At Kooyong,


'The Education CHANCES Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to students who live or study in Boroondara and whose families are experiencing financial hardship.In Boroondara approximately 5,900 young people live below the poverty line. It is essential that these young people be given every opportunity to maximise their potential, achieve their educational goals and fulfil their ambitions.

Although Boroondara is one of the wealthiest municipalities in Victoria, it contains many neighbourhoods with pockets of poverty, in which a high proportion of young people aged 0-25 live in households whose income is below the poverty line'.

This presentation highlights the organisation's outstanding efforts to elevate and empower young people. The presentation skillfully illustrates the remarkable work done by the organization to provide opportunities, and assistance to the younger generation. 

Speakers: Elida Brereton  is the Chair of Education CHANCES Foundation and Helen Worladge is the Program Manager/Board Member of Education CHANCES Foundation.

M.C. Denbeigh Richards

Photo Credit: Educiton Chances Foundation