At Kooyong LTC:  Your Age Advantage
Jun 20, 2023
Martin Coleman, Founder, Your Age Advantage
At Kooyong LTC: Your Age Advantage


Ageism is discriminating against someone purely because of their age. 

To the individual it can be a life debilitating and devastating prejudice. 

To business it robs workforce enrichment, capability, stronger competitiveness, productivity and profitability. 

Overall, it weakens and threatens the wellbeing of the community. 

Martin Coleman is the  Founder and CEO of Your Age Advantage.

He is an experienced business leader with an impressive track record at achieving steady organic growth and expanding company/organisation opportunities. 

For over two decades Martin has run an integrated, digital advertising and social media company, assisting start-ups to listed companies in Australia and overseas. He has also worked closely with Government, large corporations, primary utilities and peak industry associations separately and together to shape and influence government direction and decision-making.

On discovering the waning of intergenerational teams in Australian companies/organisations, Martin Coleman is alarmed at the soaring level of Ageism in this Country, confirmed by the World Health Organisation and the Australian Human Rights Commission.

With his deep sense of Community, Martin, together with an Advisory Counsel has developed Your Age Advantage: 

> To help employers transform their workforces into innovative, multigenerational teams.

​> To advise businesses on how to attract and retain a diversely aged workforce for a stronger and more effective workplace.

​> To re-skill older adults and retirees in Australia by introducing an entrepreneurial mindset and

​> To help the Australian community recognise that contributed wisdom and experience can come from any age no matter what stage in life.

M.C. Dorothy Gilmour

Photo: Provided by Martin Coleman