UnstoppaBULL, World Record Holder, Explorer, Adventurer
Mar 17, 2020
Daniel Bull
UnstoppaBULL, World Record Holder, Explorer, Adventurer


'After surviving a day in the Death Zone, adventurer and explorer Dan Bull completed an unguided ascent of Mt Everest in his 20s. He has since made numerous first ascents up unclimbed peaks in uncharted locations such as northern Greenland, and has successfully tackled some of the world's most dangerous mountains. Among them, the infamous North Face of the Eiger, a vertical mile of brittle rock and ice in the Swiss Alps, nicknamed Mordwand in German, literally, 'Murder Wall'.


Dan now plans to take record-breaking to new heights, literally, as he attempts to make history, again, with his latest record-breaking attempt: The Highest Swim. Dan will continue to push his mind and body to the limits as he battles against a chilling assault on the senses and endeavours to swim in the highest lake on Earth and become the first person to swim above an altitude of 6,000m / 20,000 ft.


Nicknamed Unstoppabull by his sisters, Dan has an unrelenting desire to push limits and test the boundaries of what is possible. He has been awarded multiple Guinness World Records for his achievements, all accomplished whilst overcoming a debilitating childhood condition to demonstrate firsthand that Anything is Possibull'.


(Source: ICMI)

Chair: Geoff Wright


Photo Credit: Guinness World Records