Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project
Sep 10, 2019
Daryl Steer
Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project

My introduction to Cambodia came with a family visit to Siem Reap in early 2015 to see the temples.  We were exposed to the plight of a people that have experienced so much tragedy in recent years and were literally re-building their country from scratch. The land mine victims were the obvious casualties, the less obvious were those in the villages in the rural areas.


We met a dynamic tour guide with a compassion for his people. He made us aware of the need of clean drinking water for families in the villages around Siem Reap. I was moved by the plight of these people, stayed to help and established the Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project


There is no need so basic as having clean water to drink, but over half the population of Cambodia does not have access to clean water.  In the countryside, most people rely on water from rivers, streams and ponds. This water is often polluted and is a major cause of health issues in children. 


The lack of sanitary toilets exacerbates the water problems. Nearly 70% of Cambodia’s rural population have no toilet.


I firmly believe that the future of Cambodia is dependent on educating the young people. The challenge is to have them finish high school but a prerequisite to school attendance is being healthy.  


Clean water and sanitary toilets are essential for health. It is in this area of health and hygiene with clean water and sanitary toilets that I believe we can make a significant change in the lives of village families. To date, we have installed 234 Septic Tank Toilets and 86 Clean Water Bores.





Chair: Katrina Flinn