Speaker Date Topic
Via Zoom Wally Ballout Jun 02, 2020
The NBN In Our Area
The NBN In Our Area

Back By Popular Demand!  The NBN will be installed in our area around this time...you may have further questions for Wally.

Wally is  part of the nbn local Community Affairs team in Melbourne.


He writes:   'My role is to meet with local community and residential groups to help educate them about nbn and what it means for them. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure the community has all the necessary information during the rollout of the nbn network and have the ability and a forum to ask any questions and troubleshoot any problems you might have.


The presentation will be followed by a Q&A that covers some critical areas such as: • What is nbn • What it means for the members and how to connect • How the nbn affects your existing landline phone and medical alarms • Power outages • Scams to be wary of.


*Just to clarify, this service is purely for the benefit for the members. We are not here to sell anything as the nbn is the wholesaler (not a phone or internet provider). ' *


Chair: Andrew Crockett



Via Zoom Dr Lousie Steding Jun 09, 2020
Forensic Archaeology, Some Case Studies
Forensic Archaeology, Some Case Studies

Dr Louise Steding teaches Criminology and Forensics at Swinburne OnLine (SOL) for Swinburne University of Technology. A forensic specialist, she combines criminology and forensic archaeology in search and recovery methods. This involves detailed research, landscape interpretation, criminal profiling, use of ground penetrating radar, excavation techniques and human bone recognition. Her methods are applied to unsolved cases of deceased missing persons. 

Louise's doctorate also joins criminology and archaeology, to examine perspectives of crime, punishment and prison design, along with access to resources and interior spatial relationships within historic institutions. She has worked with juvenile offenders and as an osteo-archaeologist. Much of her mainstream archaeology had to do with our convict past, prisons, and excavation of human remains from Colonial Australia to the burial grounds of Renaissance, Bronze Age and Neolithic Europe. Louise has served on the National Membership Committee of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc (AACAI) and as Chair of the AACAI Branch for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. She is also a full professional member of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society.


Via Zoom Andrew Crockett Jun 16, 2020
‘Rotary’s Four-Way Test: A Theoretical and Practical Critique’
‘Rotary’s Four-Way Test: A Theoretical and Practical Critique’

After referring to the origins of Rotary’s Four-Way Test, the presentation poses the question whether it remains a relevant and practical guide to decision-making in the modern world. This question is examined by analysing each part of the Test through the lens of ethical theory.  Four ethical theories on how we should answer the question ‘how should I act?’ are described.  Each theory is applied to the four parts of the Test to see whether they assist in developing options that satisfy the Test. Finally, a decision-making process for satisfying the Four-Way Test in ethically complex or ambiguous situations is proposed.

Via Zoom: Special General Meeting Jun 23, 2020
Voting: New Constitution and By Laws
Voting: New Constitution and By Laws
Via Zoom.....Change-Over Night Jun 30, 2020

'Changeovers are one of the best occasions in the Rotary calendar.


Not only are they great social and fellowship occasions, but they give members and guests the opportunity to reflect on our wonderful organisation of Rotary, its goal of achieving world understanding and peace, and most importantly, the achievements we have made in our local communities and across the world.


Changeovers also give us a time to recognise and thank the outgoing President, his/her team, and all those who helped during the year.


It also gives us time to recognise and encourage those who have put their hands up to ensure the future success of our clubs, the District and our wider international organisation'.