Rotary SAFE Families
Rotary Hawthorn is the home of Rotary SAFE Families and its Inclusive Communities Initiative. This project, endorsed by Rotary Foundation Australia, was established in 2018 to help stop all forms of family abuse by addressing its underlying causes.  
It has evolved into a national program with valuable, freely available resources and tools, including short films and translated information to assist communities in every part of Australia to become informed and play their part in Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.  
We created the “3R’s” First Aid Model for prevention of abuse:
  1. Recognise signs of abuse
  2. Raise your concerns “safely” with the victim
  3. Refer the victim to 000 (emergency) or the appropriate support organisation OR Make the call yourself and be informed
Domestic abuse is not condoned and is a crime in Australia. Abuse is a major issue requiring culture change. Rotary SAFE Families promotes the model for preventing all forms of abuse to women, men, children and the elderly.