Project Types

Our 2018-2019 goal is to identify projects within the key areas of focus that provide valued assistance, deliver enduring positive outcomes and utilise our members' skills.

Project Types:

§  Causes

§  Fundraising

§  Service

Causes are club projects that have a charitable outcome and usually involve funding all or some of the objectives or project elements. They may also require member’s skills or 'tap into' our members’ networks of expertise. They can target issues in Australian or international communities, for example, an existing sanitation project in a village in Thailand, or the refurbishment of a youth centre in Hawthorn.

Fundraising projects are those that engage Club members to raise funds to support either a specific project or towards general revenue. This can be a random concept to raise funds or designed specifically to support a cause or endorsed project. For example, a wine auction to raise money to build a greenhouse in a remote part of northern India, our annual Paris to Provence car parking that raises money to support our project in Baguia in East Timor, or our weekly fines to swell the Club coffers.

Service projects are those that rely on club members giving in-kind donations or giving time or skills to a specific project that generally has a short-term outcome or may be an ongoing project that only requires members providing their time. For example, a program offering vocational and career advice for young school leavers or our annual Christmas dinner for socially disadvantaged citizens.

Service projects are easily implemented, involve a small number of people in planning and execution, and allow participation by a large number of club members.