President's Note

It was back to school last Tuesday the 30th.   In like fashion I saw a couple of our "Davids" at Kooyong on that same day---of course not in expectation of our first lunch meeting (due next Tuesday the 6th) but just visiting the tennis museum. 
Hope all members have enjoyed the holiday period break and looking forward to next Tuesday.
Conference Reminder
End Trachoma 2020 Project

A General Message from District:- 

You probably know that Rotary came to Australia in 1921 with the chartering of our first Australian club, the Rotary Club of Melbourne. Eliminating Trachoma in Australia by 2020 has been chosen as one important way to mark this historic milestone. This important project is endorsed by the 2017-18 RI President Australian Ian Riseley and Zone Director Noel Trevaskis as a project all Australian Rotarians should get behind.

EndTrachoma by 2020 is not run by any one Rotary Club; it is a project for all clubs in the country, in every Rotary District of Australia.  The Project Coordinator is Lien Trinh, an optometrist and former Rotary Foundation Global Scholar. 

Australia remains the only first world nation where Trachoma still persists, prevalent in a number of our remote indigenous communities. Trachoma is a bacterial infection of the eye that is easily preventable with basic hygiene practices, but if left untreated, can cause blindness.  The Australian government works with Indigenous Eye Health, the Fred Hollows Foundation and others to treat the disease with surgery and antibiotics. The long-term solution though, rests with hygiene and education and this is where Rotary’s Trachoma project has a role.

EndTrachoma by 2020 is working with Aboriginal communities to educate and build capabilities to improve hygiene practices, which will prevent Trachoma and lead to better health and well-being. Doing this is a slow process, but will be most effective and sustainable as each solution is tailored to individual community needs. 

Lien is confident that Trachoma can be eliminated by 2020 but there is a lot of work to be done. Assistance from as many Australian clubs as possible is needed. Your club and other clubs in our District can make a significant difference to indigenous eye health by supporting this project. 

In February 2018, a series of live Facebook videos will run on the EndTrachoma Facebook page to help explain the problem and outline opportunities of service for clubs. I encourage you and your members to promote and view these videos to better understand trachoma and the project, and then perhaps take the opportunity to participate to help end trachoma.

The series is scheduled to start on Monday 19 February 2018 at 5 pm AEDT and will continue daily for 7 days. A line-up of international and specialist speakers have been arranged, including RI President Ian Riseley. Each video will run for only 10 minutes or so, and will also be available for viewing after the session on the EndTrachoma by 2020 Facebook page. Questions are welcome before, during and after each video; the project team will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible. More information will be available regarding the series in early 2018.

The best way to stay informed about the project is to subscribe to the website, and ‘LIKE’ and ‘FOLLOW’ their Facebook page

DG Peter


Philippines Project Completed

Here is some extracts from an article by Networker Correspondent, Tony Thomas concerning in part our Philippines project.   It focused on the special input by Melbourne Rotartian Dr Cecily Neil and the difficulties of projects in remote parts of the world.

Getting a primary school toilet built in the remote Kalinga Province of northern Luzon is one thing; arriving on the spot is another.

The toilet block consisting of  three-cubicle toilets with handwashing stations is at Pantikian Elementary school in mountainous Kalinga Province. At a total budget of A$ 4,600, this sanitation project was funded by the Rotary Club of Hawthorn.   

Finished in December, the job was organized by  Dr Cecily Neil through RAWCS D9800 and implemented on the ground by Sinangpad Association, a local Kalingan NGO .   


The project is small but the principles are vital – community involvement and ability to keep the toilet operational. For example, the children chose the wall and door colors and through organized games  were taught handwashing and not to block the pipes, waste the water or  damage the taps. Pantikian men provided the unskilled labour on a voluntary basis. The local Municipal Engineer supervised the work at all key construction points.

The Parents and Teachers Assn members  worked with and helped supervise the skilled laborers. Mothers took turns cooking and serving workers’ lunches. Others planted gardens around the toilet.


Special Lunch Meeting 20th Feb
Car Parking Aftermath
Several members were involved in the car parking for the Kooyong Classic.   Thanks to all who came.   
The weather intervened and depending on the day , Tuesday to Friday ,  the demand for service and pleasure in being there varied.   Specials thanks to Richard Logan for the early set up work..      Not sure if any of us got blisters like the players on those killer hot days but there have been no medical reports of member discomfort thanks to all that water and hats!   
Our photographer braved the elements too. 
The Shadow
The Shadow notes President Katrina observation of two early arrivals for our first meeting of the year.   Members Owen and Pisterman must be applauded for their enthusiasm for Rotary  if not for  their diary integrity.   Hope the Fines Sergeant doesn't hear of such passion.   
Katrina was there meeting with a prospective member.    Raises the matter of the clubs membership drive.   Disappointing to hear that not many new names are being suggested to Brian Reid as potential prospects.   Recall our goal of one name per member this year--still time though.
The Shadow is always pleased to get contributions from members even anonymously as in the case below but alas cannot test for Fake News.  

The CIA, FBI, ASIO and National Security Agency have jointly stated with “high confidence” that the Russian government conducted a sophisticated campaign to influence the recent election. President Vladimir Putin ordered the effort, the U.S. agencies said in a recent report, with the dual aims of assisting Katrina Flinn’s Presidential campaign and undermining the democratic process. “Putin and the Russian government developed a clear preference for President-elect Flinn,” the declassified version of the report said.

Flinn’s transition team initially downplayed the intelligence community’s assessment. “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” the team said in a statement. But in a press conference weeks later, Flinn said, “As far as hacking, I think it was Russia. But I think we also get hacked by other countries and other people.”

President Flinn was not available for comment today.

The Shadow seeks help in identifying the contributor.
Make-ups and Apologies

Lawrence Reddaway always seeks to finalize numbers by Sunday 10pm by collating  responses to attendance at the next meeting.   So please try the electronic response (or phone) or even carrier pidgeon!    Forewarn of any guests at the same time.   This minimizes catering costs. 

Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

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Lunch Speakers
Feb 06, 2018
Stability In Mind
Stability In Mind

Neil Cole, Author:  ‘Stability In Mind’

‘This memoir is the story of the first politician in Australia to publicly admit to having a mental illness - bipolar mood disorder. Neil Cole was a lawyer, a Melbourne City Councillor and a Member of the Victorian Parliament.

After only five years in parliament he was diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder and put onto lithium. The revelation, the cathartic experience of this diagnosis changed his life forever. Having lived with the unpleasantness of the illness, the lack of diagnosis over a period of seventeen years since he first sought treatment, and the onset of the illness, made it difficult to adjust

Finally, whether it is his early life, school, university, family upbringing, politics or the stage it is all interesting, novel, lots of humour, pathos, and revelation about living with a mental illness. The memoir will offer hope and an explanation of how to live with bipolar mood disorder’.

Neil's current play is:  'Nina Simone; Liberian Days.    At : Prahran's 'Chapel Off Chapel'

Chair:  Henry Drury




Feb 13, 2018
Medical Breakthrough For Stroke Survivors
Feb 20, 2018
Chairman Victoria Racing Club
Feb 27, 2018
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