President's Note

The Tuesday evening cluster meeting was a moving and inspiring prelude to Anzac Day.   The four local  rotary clubs combined wonderfully and members mingled for the two plus hours.   These cluster occasions must continue.

Dr Robert Webster's address on World War 1 in general and the Villiers-Bretonneux battles in particular conveyed all of the personal drama to which our Australian forces were exposed.   Most in the audience were reminded of a connection to some relative who was involved and oft times lost.  I recounted my own story formally and many others did so privately at their table to adjacent occupants.    The annual Anzac Day  remembrance and celebration ethos is certainly getting stronger each year.

More on that, I am looking forward to next week at our regular lunch meeting (on Anzac Eve)  to our guest speaker's address on John Monash.   See you there



2nd Villiers-Bretonneux Battle.. Dr Robert Webster
The Villiers-Bretonneux battle in WWI is historic for Australian involvement.   A classic Australian pincer ploy involving  the 15th and 13 th AIF Brigades  around the German occupied French village proved successful.  
It was characterized by some heroic hand to hand (bayonet charged) night fighting and unfortunately  high causalities. 
In the context of WWI it was seen as a significant turning point and source of Australian pride.   It was a striking coincidence that many of the soldiers had seen service at Gallipoli and doubtless been aware of the April 25th date as they charged forward.
Pursuant to that event 100 years ago (April 24-25 1918) an enduring relationship between the people of that French village and Australia has established.   It is the site of classic memorials and picturesque cemetery(s) and according to guest speaker Dr Robert Webster OAM , President RSL Victoria, the foremost location(behind Gallipoli) for present day Anzac Day services in Europe.
Robert gave an extended address to Hawthorn Rotary and its  three cluster clubs at a special evening meeting.  Although the address  focused on the above battle Robert (himself a Vietnam vet and long term RSL advocate) gave a dramatic account of the war as seen by the common Australian combatant.   The audience became regularly hushed and pensive for periods as he told of casualty rates, fighting conditions , and the problems of integrating returned soldiers back home.  We were reminded and astounded  of the disruption to Australian society, to the outcome that about  10% of the population enlisted that being  40% of an eligible age group!
Thank Robert for such an interesting and moving account of another aspect of the Anzac Day occasion.
The Salvo Hawks.
The Salvo Hawks continue their season.
Our members attendance just for an odd half hour or so is important.  Please come if you can.

Salvo Hawks – Diary Dates 

Wednesday April  18  

Wednesday May  -

Wednesday June 13, 27

Wednesday July 11

Wednesday August 8


Typically on these Wednesdays we will need at least 3 Rotary Hawthorn people:

·         1 person on scoreboard 11.45 – 2.00

·         At least 2 people mingling and organising pizzas say 12.15 – 2.15




The Shadow
   The Shadow is always on the alert for some undercover quip from members during the course of a speakers delivery.   One such item was " I have noted that our Guest Speaker was a Dr. Webster, who has a website, Or, is it a Dr. Website who has a Webster?"    Bernie Walshe's keen eyes noted such a play on words on our own website. 
Must be travelling season.   The Shadow detected that Anne Scott has just spent a week or so in Japan touring after an international Guides conference.  Clearly Anne has travel guide potential as over dinner at the cluster meeting she was overheard telling David Owen who is about to go said country for a couple of weeks various tips for survival. 
The Shadow understands that in his absence Lawrence Reddaway (minus that red jacket) will  handle the bulletin.




This Sunday ..Fund raiser on the "Eye"
It is on this SUNDAY at 5.30pm.
Simulated Job Interviews at Auburn HS
Dates for the diary.  Wednesday 20 June and Wednesday 25 July.
The club will help Auburn High School as in previous years by participating in that schools Simulated Job Interviews program.  
We will require on each of the above mornings 9 am to 11.30 am about 20 willing interviewers to act as prospective employers.   Geoff Wright will be soon approaching potential interviewers to populate a roster.
Camberwell Art Show 10th July
It's set.  Hawthorn Rotary's annual excursion to this great Art Show is to coincide with our regular Tuesday meeting on the 10th July.
Make-ups and Apologies

Lawrence Reddaway always seeks to finalize numbers by Sunday 10pm by collating  responses to attendance at the next meeting.   So please try the electronic response (or phone) or even carrier pidgeon!    Forewarn of any guests at the same time.   This minimizes catering costs. 

Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

Club Roster 

If you cannot perform your duty, please find a replacement or contact Charles Morrison


  24 April

    1 May

   8 May


    15 May




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Lunch Speakers
Apr 24, 2018
Monash in Love, And War
Monash in Love, And War


General Sir John Monash was a brilliant and exalted industrialist, war hero, and head of the Victorian SEC.

Yet, in 1930, although he was the PM’s choice, the Cabinet would not endorse him as the first Australian born Governor General.

Why? Because his private life was too unconventional.

Neil's play examines Monash’s  choices that he made, and the dissent they invoked. It also explores the Great War and its affects on morality, and otherwise.

Much admired by the King, adored by his troops and the public, Monash was a very great Australian. But he was also a driven man seized of extreme and adventurous passions. This was nowhere better evidenced than in his unrestrained romances with the three great loves of his life.

Chair: Chris Hanson

May 01, 2018
The Men's Shed
May 08, 2018
May 15, 2018
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