President's Note

The show goes on.  Another great week in Rotary at Hawthorn. 
Is it coincidence, the alignment of the stars or has Rotary’s theme for the year brought to the surface awareness of the inspirational things that happen in Rotary.  I suspect being associated with Rotary raises the odds of coming across inspirational people and that has certainly been the case in recent weeks.  
At this week’s extremely well-attended Club meeting we were introduced to two amazingly inspirational Rotarians – John and Marg Millington.  John’s story of the settling of the Karen people in the Wimmera brought a tear to a few eyes in the room and has certainly paved the ‘Road to Nhill’ for Hawthorn Rotarians.  I, for one, will be putting my hand up to make the planned trip up the Western Highway later in the year to meet the refugees and the wonderful towns folk of Nhill who through unbridled hospitality have provided a peaceful, happy and hopeful home for people whose lives had previously seen little but fear and misery.
Stepping back two days to last Sunday, many Hawthorn Rotarians worked alongside a large multicultural crowd of wonderful community-minded people who braved the cold, no freezing, weather to plant trees, partake in a tasty morsel cooked to perfection by Hawthorn Rotary’s BBQ quartet and enjoy a free coffee. The presence of Boroondara Mayor Cr Jim Parkes, Hawthorn MP John Pesutto and the Federal Minister for Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, added weight to the event. 
On the day, I was personally moved by the warmth and genuine desire expressed by other cultural groups in our community to connect with us. Cementing these community connections should be high on our agenda.  
Full marks to the Boroondara Council for their generosity in supporting this occasion in a multitude of ways. Congratulations, once again, to Katrina Flinn for organising this wonderful Rotary Day and thanks to the band of Hawthorn Rotarians who pitched in.
Next week marks the beginning of Rotary Membership Month with guest speaker PDG Neville Johns (District Membership Director) who will share his passion for Rotary and help us put our heads together once again to confront the challenge of membership-raising. Hawthorn and other Clubs in our Cluster are exploring solutions to the membership problem on many levels. For example, last Friday several representatives from the Club met with leaders of the ‘Design Factory Melbourne’ located at Swinburne to begin to consider innovative strategies to address the Rotary membership issue. The DFM is an MIT-like, multidisciplinary problem-solving team that works with government and industry on the full spectrum of problems. This is a serious organisation that communicates directly by video link with teams in Silicon Valley and CERN.  Anita Kocsis, Director of Design Factory Melbourne, spoke of the much-underrated value of the Rotary brand and how this may be leveraged in the drive for membership. However, she described the Rotary membership challenge as a ‘wicked problem’; but addressing ‘wicked problems’ is DFM’s raison d’être.  Watch this space.
Ian Bentley
Rotary Club of Hawthorn

Karen Refugees in Nhill

John Millington of Nhill Rotary Club waa  our guest speaker on 31stJuly. Thirty-two years in Rotary, Club President twice and once an Assistant Governor, John was General Manager of Luv-a-Duck in Nhill before he retired a few years ago. The company was producing 100,000 ducks weekly, and were using 457 visas to obtain suitable workers. John told the story of how 160 Karen refugees have been relocated to Nhill, and over 100 of these are now in full-time employment. 
The Karen province in southern Myanmar is near the Thai border, and the mainly Christian population sided with the British during the Second World War. Other Burmese groups sided with the Japanese, and reprisals against the Karen have continued since then. Many have fled across the border to Thailand, where there are currently 43,000 refugees in the main camp. 
John Millington heard of two refugee families in Werribeee, and attended a meeting to find out more. A PowerPoint presentation about Luv-a-Duck was enthusiastically viewed by 120 refugees, some of whom were invited too Nhill to meet the local community. Five refugees started work in 2010, and they were accommodated in the former Doctor’s residence. This building has become the base for the current Karen community. 
Now in 2018, the Karen people are part on the Nhill scene: fifty work for Luv-a-Duck and fifty for other companies: the 24thKaren family has bought a house. Others have started businesses, such as the Paw Po Company which sells sewing products, a flower shop and an Asian food shop. 
The Karen are keen to become involved in community activities, to thank and give back to the Nhill people. They have demonstrated this in their New Year and Water Festivals, and by joining in the Anzac Parade.
Local people are happy to see an increase in population, a reliable work force, more volunteers, and improving infrastructure. On the other hand, the Karen people have found hope, happiness, peace and freedom. 
It is hard to imagine a better win-win project. 
Photos:  John and Margaret Millington
Paw Po Weaving

Swinburne Effective Public Speaking Program

On Tuesday 24thJuly we completed a four week course designed to equip students and graduates in the skills of presentation and public speaking. This the third year we have undertaken this project which was initially started by David Rush in 2016.
Each year it has been subjected to some refinements and over the last two years the participating students have benefited from the leadership of Charlotte England and Ngaire Cannon who were supported by David Rush and Noel Halford.
We were delighted to have ten graduates, the majority of whom have come from overseas, complete the program. The development in confidence and presentation skills was most impressive particularly when the majority have English as their second language. Certificates were presented to all who completed the four-week program.
Elena Verzub, Associate Director, Learning and Academic Skills Centre, thanked our Rotarians for providing their experience and skills in making the course possible.
This was a valuable project for our Rotary Club and it clearly ignited interest in Rotary from a most impressive group of students a number of whom have already indicated they would like to be involved in some of our forthcoming projects.  We expect to continue the public speaking project next year.

Tree Planting Day

Hawthorn Rotarians braved a cold and windy Sunday to celebrate the 21stbirthday of the Ftritsch Holzer Park.

The park was named after Augustus Fritsch and the Holzer brothers who formed the Upper Hawthorn Brick Company in 1883. The factory employed around 50 people and produced 250,000 bricks a week, which were used throughout Victoria.

Council bought the area in 1972 and used it as a landfill site until 1986, then as a temporary waste transfer station until 1989. In the years that followed the site was left empty to allow the landfill to stabilise.

Council, together with the Victorian Government and the Rotary Club of Hawthorn, reconstructed the area into a park in 1995.

Boroondara Council had arranged dozens of grass and shrubs to add to the planted areas, and dozens of volunteers turned up to help. Starting at 10am, they planted 2,000 trees/shrubs/grasses and had the job completed by noon: great work! 

Hawthorn Rotary’s barbecue and a coffee stall were kept busy serving refreshmants: many stayed on for a chat, and to hear the presentation. Even the Honorable Josh Frydenberg MP made an appearance, (to assist with the quality control  ;-) 

President Ian Bentley introduced Mayor Jim Parke, who gave a brief summary of the history of the brickworks, and how local and state governments had joined with Hawthorn Rortary to establish the park.

Our member for Hawthorn, John Pesutto included some young volunteers to assist in his energetic presentation.

President Ian thanked the volunteers for their contribution to the improvement of this wonderful amenity, and PP Katrina Flinn for  organising the event.


Girl Guides at work in the shrubbery

A happy group of community volunteers

Hawthorn Rotary Barbecue, with sampler Josh Frydenberg MHR

Cutting the cake: John Pesutto MP, Cr Coral Ross, Mayor Jim Parke, and President Ian Bentley.


Mock Interview Program

One Hawthorn Rotary program that invariably gives those members and members spouses who participate great satisfaction, is the mock interviews that we conduct each year with Year 9 and Year 10 students at Auburn High School.

Regardless of the capacity and preparedness of the student being interviewed, we are left with the feeling that they have benefited from the process and from the feedback we give them. We have fulfilled the objective of giving the student more confidence than he would otherwise have when it comes to the real thing, and in so doing have played a significant role in their career planning, awareness of the world of work and job readiness.
Photo:Tiaan being interviewed by Ian Macfarlane and Libby Owen.

On Wednesday morning, July 25, twenty members and spouses met at Auburn High School to conduct mock job interviews with Year 10 students. This followed Year 9 interviews on June 20, and comprises part of the school's 'Learning For Life' program. It is the fourth year that we have assisted with the program at Auburn High School.

As the culmination to their studies, the students apply for one of 13 positions and submit a written application and resume in support of this application. This is the forwarded to the two Rotary interviewers scheduled to interview that applicant, and we do this for 10 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of feedback on what the student did well, and where they can improve. In addition a scoresheet is forwarded to the students teacher.

Our thanks to all who participated in this much appreciated program.
Ths Shadow Knows!
Make-ups and apologies
One of our newer members, Kim D’Arcy, has taken over (from Lawrence Reddaway) the task of estimating numbers for each lunch, and informing Kooyong of that ‘best guess’.  No doubt she, early every Monday morning, wonders why members cannot respond to her weekly email.  No doubt she wondered, especially, about the lack of response from Lawrence, who obviously understands the frustration that is thereby created.  The Shadow understands that a big apology is on its away from Lawrence to Kim.
Remember: if you can’t make the Tuesday lunchtime meeting, please tell Kim at
Sprung Badly
A glass in each hand, Ngaire?  Not a good look!
Much better to share it with someone  who deserves it: David Owen, for instance. Sadly, Libby and David are moving away for a sea change, so PP Katrina Flinn took the opportunity to thank David for his years of enthusiastic service to the club, as Youth Director and Bulletin Editor. David has promised to drop in occasionally, and to assist where he can.
Thanks from us all, David!
The Shadow has come across a letter from the Pantikian Elementary School in the Philippines, expressing their thanks for the amenities we recently provided.
We reproduce it here for your delectation.
Salvo Hawks - Diary Dates for Home Matches
Please put the following important dates into your diary - now!    Remember a key aspect of HRC's support is the provision of communal interaction not just funds.
       Next Home Game  Wednesday 8th August

Typically on these Wednesdays we will need at least 3 (preferably 5) Rotary Hawthorn people:

  •  1 or 2 people on scoreboard 11.45 – 2.00
  •  At least 2 people mingling and organising pizzas say 12.15 – 2.15

Coming Events

An opportunity awaits for you to learn more about Rotary with like-minded people. 
The Rotary Leadership Institute is a four part program where you will learn a little more about Rotary, the early history, traditions, the Rotary Foundation, and its relevance in the world today. You will make new friends in an enjoyable environment. 
This program is perfect for members who have joined Rotary in the last 12 months and indeed people who may be interested in becoming involved in Rotary activities. 
Montague School , Montague Street, South Melbourne 
Sunday August 12th and 19thfrom 9:30 am to 2:30pm 
No cost to you or your Club 
A response is needed by Wednesday the 8th of August 
For further information (including a registration form) or to email completed registration forms, please email the District 9800 RLI Administrator: PP Vicki Teschke  call Vicki0412 525 055 or President Ian Bentley on 0416 292 869
Make-ups and Apologies

Kim D'Arcy always seeks to finalize numbers by Monday 8.30am by collating  responses about attendance at the next meeting.   So please try to email back to her by that time; and, at the same time, forewarn of any guests.   (Predicting our numbers as closely as possible helps to minimize our catering costs.)

Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

Club Roster 

If you cannot perform your duty, please find a replacement or contact Charles Morrison


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Lunch Speakers
Aug 07, 2018
Strengthening Our Club...The Top Ways
Strengthening Our Club...The Top Ways

We remember Past Distrcit 9800 Governor, Neville John's inspiring and entertaining address to our club during his year as Governor.

Neville is now Director of Membership in our District and has some excellent suggestion and tips for the components of a vibrant, healthy club.

Chair: Ian Bentley



Aug 21, 2018
No Meeting
Aug 28, 2018
Women in the Middle East
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