President's Note

 Back after my break.  Reflecting on  the forthcoming close of a rewarding and enjoyable Presidential year last meetings fine guest speaker and member attendance was typical.  David O'Halloran and colleagues from Reclink gave us inspiring  account of that organisations activity.  Moreover it gave the club a tangible understanding of the importance of purpose and belonging to individuals participating in its programs---the impact of our efforts with the Salvo Hawks football team seemed even more worthwhile and important to review and expand.

See you next week


On the Agenda
District Assembly --     Sunday 20 May   Offers members chance to catch up on programs  (see Richard Logan)  Already 16 down to attend.
Thursday Evening  Meeting Special --      Thursday 24 May  Planned dinner evening to welcome newcomers to Australia (see Noel Halford)  This coincides with our monthly Thursday evening meeting and is open to Tuesday lunch goers too.
District Changeover -- Sunday 3rd June   Dinner occasion to welcome new District roles (see Dennis Shore)
Club Changeover --      Thursday 14 June  6.30pm fro 7.00 at Greenacres    (See David Pisterman)  Always a great evening, those left in town (and not OS) try to attend!
and remember get back to Ian Macfarlane (or Ian Bentley) re those club shirt preference/size.
Reclink Australia.....David O'Halloran

Hawthorn Rotary’s connection with Reclink Australia comes from its support of the Salvo Hawks football team.     Recent guest speaker David O’Halloran is the current CEO of Reclink having spent many years with that group He has a long list of other worthwhile community activities including efforts in co-founding the “Choir of Hard Knocks” and Salvo-Hawks, two such entities now in the Reclink stable. 

Reclink is an Australia wide volunteer organization which aims to help “disadvantaged people” (not necessarily disabled) to regain a meaningful place in society.   Hence those who it helps are typically in need of or seeking rehabilitation from drug abuse. alcoholism, past criminal or stressed circumstances.   Such individuals are perceived to be in need of a purpose and/or have a sense of belonging.   It provides this with numerous arts and sporting programs in which the disadvantaged can participate (for free).   The individuals gain from regular commitment to these pursuits.

The Reclink group which has evolved and grown to an annual budget of near $7 Million (it enjoys significant State and Federal government support).    It has 110 staff and had 105,000 participants last year.

Essentially an umbrella organization. it ties together other volunteer and community groups (as Rotary) with its structure to contribute to the overall cause.   HRC’s direct part funding and participation (on the sidelines!) with the Salvo Hawks players each football match is a classic example of the Reclink approach.   

David’s address on Reclink was inspiring.   Adding flesh to the presentation we had his colleagues Peter and Tehan (the latter is the captain coach of the Salvo-Hawks) giving accounts of their story, and of course most of all displaying that football sweater.   One got the feeling that there will several more HRC observers at the next Salvo Hawks match.

The Shadow
As one past Essendonian pointed out to The Shadow one wonders if Noel Halford has decreed that the Rotary  slogan "Is it fair to all " does not apply in sport.  His suggestion from the chairman's podium  that guest and coach of the Salvo Hawks should  consider the AFL's Essendon as his next role evidently raised the thought.    Maybe?
Less parochial The Shadow records  the continuing annual exodus of traveling members.  Geoff Wright for example is off to Europe,  (He will be back for those Auburn interviews).  One hopes that these members got their foreign currency before the drop to 74c/US $---oh another peril of overseas travel.   


Salvo Hawks - Diary Dates for Home Matches
Please put the following important dates into your diary - now!    Remember a key aspect of HRC's support is the provision of communal interaction not just funds.
        Wednesday May 23    (additional home game vs Odeyssey House)
        Wednesday June 13
        Wednesday June 27

        Wednesday July 11

        Wednesday August 8

Typically on these Wednesdays we will need at least 3 (preferably 5) Rotary Hawthorn people:

  •  1 or 2 people on scoreboard 11.45 – 2.00
  •  At least 2 people mingling and organising pizzas say 12.15 – 2.15
Youth Committee ....Update
Kevin Rose , Youth director gave an updated account of the our clubs activities.    Most projects relate to the broader District activities namely RYPEN,  RYLA and MUNA.    Such acronyms need explanation.  The first concerns regular weekend camps for club sponsored attendees being mid secondary school students to experience leadership, community involvement tasks and fellowship development with like students.   RYLA is focused on the older 18-25 year old adults with a perceived prospect to be future community leaders.    Kevin invited members to look for and nominate any likely candidate.
Sadly the annual MUNA convention (Model United Nations Assembly) weekend camp where year 11 students debate and network as deemed country representatives has just been canceled.   Typically a rotary club will sponsor one team of two to represent some given country. (It may be that recent legislation re Working with Children obligations for any volunteer at the camp has caused diffiuclties).
Finally the National Youth Science Forum process for selecting year 11 science focused students to attend the summer science school in Canberra in January next year is in full swing now.  (Applicants need to be screened/put forward  by Rotary Clubs by June 30 for eventual review and final selection by Rotary Districts in August.)  HRC has previously supported many fine attendees and will be involved again.  Demand for places is high and competition to get into the final 25 or so is tough.
Progress..Simulated Job Interviews at Auburn HS
Dates for the diary.  Wednesday 20 June and Wednesday 25 July.
The club will help Auburn High School as in previous years by participating in that schools Simulated Job Interviews program.  
We will require on each of the above mornings 9 am to 11.30 am about 20 willing interviewers to act as prospective employers.   Geoff Wright has been contacting potential interviewers to populate a roster and the numbers are getting there.   Still a few more needed so please contact Geoff(or in his absence David Owen).   Remember friends and spouses are welcome subject to having that Working With Children certification.
Make-ups and Apologies

Helen Kavnoudias (in the absence of Lawrence Reddaway) always seeks to finalize numbers by Monday 8.30am by collating  responses about attendance at the next meeting.   So please try to email back to her by that time; and, at the same time, forewarn of any guests.   Predicting our numbers as closely as possible helps to minimize our catering costs.) 


Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

Club Roster 

If you cannot perform your duty, please find a replacement or contact Charles Morrison


  22 May

    29 May

   5 June


    12 June




   Earliest Arrival


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 Front Desk




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Lunch Speakers
May 22, 2018
'What Leadership Looks Like As A Corporate Escapee'
'What Leadership Looks Like As A Corporate Escapee'
Husna writes:
I am a Corporate escapee and have started my very own business which is an enormous project that I have taken on.
I will talk about
- the life of leadership and the importance of 'all inclusivity' as well as the necessity for diversity through our communities to achieve greatness
- and  will be touching on the importance of collaboration and the incredible effect it can have on one's life.
- will share my own personal experience of exclusion and what steps I took to step out, be brave and put goals into action.
- and I will talk about my current initiative

Chair: President Katrina Flinn

Photo Credit: The Indian Weekly

May 29, 2018
Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print
Jun 05, 2018
The Cold War Games
Jun 12, 2018
Changeover On Thursday 14th June (Night Meeting)
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