President's Note

Thanks to Dennis Shore for standing in for me as host while Mick and I were enjoying the Queensland scene and weather.   Alas all went well and so I am yet again faced with the realization that no one is indispensable.  

Looking forward to be back next Tuesday see you then.


Purple Cloak....Matt Maudlin

Matt Maudlin spent many years with Servants Community Housing eventually being CEO there. 

In that time he developed a deep understanding about the issue of homelessness.     He related a simple but powerful story of how when he was in Sydney he was attracted to a homeless street person and took the opportunity to converse with him for a time.   It struck him that passers-by noted the two together and many gave financial support to that individual.  What confounded Matt that once he (Matt) moved on he observed that the passing public seemed uncomfortable about or didn’t know how to help. They rarely did.


Matt concluded Governments alone cannot resolve the homeless issue with cash grants, etc but the community could.   So Matt and his colleague Peter Barber are working with the community to put up a collective hand to say ‘STOP. ENOUGH’.  They believe that most people care about the homeless folk on our streets,  but need guidance on how to assist.    Hence their Purple Cloak project.


We heard that it aims to take people who are ready to exit tertiary homelessness settings (boarding houses etc) and reintegrate into mainstream society by providing them with decent leased housing options, and also COMMUNITY SUPPORT with a ‘Cloak’ of committed community members to share their skills, networks and experiences to help individuals realise their potential.     Perpetual support is not envisaged-there would a three year review/goal.


The Purple Cloak is an NGO, it does not look for financial support from Government.

In their view this entire project will survive and prosper on the generosity of the community (financial and otherwise).  They perceive that flow on impacts of rehousing just a few can be significant.     The Purple Cloak will be housing its first 2 clients in the very early part of 2018.

Short Term....Things to Note
District Assembly --     Sunday 20 May   Offers members chance to catch on programs  (see Richard Logan)
Welcome Dinner --      Thursday 24 May  Planned evening to welcome newcomers to Australia (see Noel Halford)
District Changeover -- Sunday 3rd June   Dinner occasion to welcome new District roles (see Dennis Shore)
Club Changeover --      Thursday 14 June  6.30pm fro 7.00 at Greenacres    (See David Pisterman)
and remember get back to Ian Macfarlane (or Ian Bentley) re those club shirt preference/size.
Visitors to Meeting
It always great to have visiting Rotarians and other guest to our regular meetings.  Last time we had several with two notable ones. 
First Virginia Black from Kununurra in far NW Australia took the opportunity to thank the club for its recent contribution to BOAB Health being 40 packs of podiatry health care products for use by indigenous patients of the North West region.   In course of her brief "thank you" Virginia highlighted the relatively worse statistics re health issues for those people in contrast with the Australian average.
Completing the visitor list was M. K. Pillai ("MK is best as my name is too hard to pronounce") from Alleppey Rotary Club in South West India.
The Shadow
Are there are perils with overseas holidays?      In the last couple of weeks a couple of members Gordon Cheyne and David Owen have been absent enjoying time in Europe and Japan respectively.   Fascinating to hear the two grumbling about their common experience.  The Shadow is encouraged to know that only shaving was foremost of their concerns.    The reference to hair gives away the following authors. 

“The worst thing about travelling is the difficulty in shaving.  We were in seven different hotels, with brilliantly lit bathrooms. At least my hair was brilliantly lit.  But in none of them could I see to shave under my chin.  Are the hotels designed for contortionists?”  ......  “My experience too”.

The Shadow suggests an old fashioned safety razor.



Salvo Hawks - Diary Dates for Home Matches
Please put the following important dates into your diary - now!

Wednesday June 13

Wednesday June 27

Wednesday July 11

Wednesday August 8

Typically on these Wednesdays we will need at least 3 (preferably 5) Rotary Hawthorn people:

  •  1 or 2 people on scoreboard 11.45 – 2.00
  •  At least 2 people mingling and organising pizzas say 12.15 – 2.15
Progress..Simulated Job Interviews at Auburn HS
Dates for the diary.  Wednesday 20 June and Wednesday 25 July.
The club will help Auburn High School as in previous years by participating in that schools Simulated Job Interviews program.  
We will require on each of the above mornings 9 am to 11.30 am about 20 willing interviewers to act as prospective employers.   Geoff Wright has been contacting potential interviewers to populate a roster and the numbers are getting there.   Still a few more needed so please contact Geoff(or in his absence David Owen).   Remember friends and spouses are welcome subject to having that Working With Children certification.
Make-ups and Apologies

Helen Kavnoudias (in the absence of Lawrence Reddaway) always seeks to finalize numbers by Monday 8.30am by collating  responses about attendance at the next meeting.   So please try to email back to her by that time; and, at the same time, forewarn of any guests.   Predicting our numbers as closely as possible helps to minimize our catering costs.) 


Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

Club Roster 

If you cannot perform your duty, please find a replacement or contact Charles Morrison


  15 May

    22 May

   29 May


    5 June




   Earliest Arrival


  Earliest Arrival

  Earliest Arrival

   Earliest Arrival

 Front Desk





 Credit Cards





 Set & Clear Up  











Lunch Speakers
May 15, 2018
Chairman, Board of Directors, Reclink
Chairman, Board of Directors, Reclink

A Director since 2005 and current Chairperson, David has been associated with Reclink Australia for over 10 years, having been a co-founder of the Salvo Hawks Football Team.
Previously, David was the Vice President and a Founding Executive Committee member for SHARC (Self Help Addiction Resource Centre).

He has also been a member for the University of Melbourne’s - Faculty of Medicine, Self Help Research Advisory Committee and received the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award in 2009.

David is  a passionate member of the Hawthorn Football Club.

Chair: TBA



May 22, 2018
'What Leadership Looks Like As A Corporate Escapee'
May 29, 2018
Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print
Jun 05, 2018
The Cold War Games
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Jun 02, 2018
Changeover Lunch D9800
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Jun 03, 2018
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