President's Note

Thank you to Vice President Dennis Shore for taking the meeting in my absence.   Sad that I missed such a great one with a specially interesting address by Don Farrands about WWI -most topical being just after Remembrance Day.


The Action List Remains: 

Paris to Provence parking 24th -26th November-an important fundraiser, keep an eye out for the roster.

The annual club Xmas meeting/event. Dinner on 12th December (David Pisterman is taking numbers)

Sunday 17th December-annual Christmas lunch for the socially isolated. (Noel Halford in assigning roles and is in special need of people who stay back and clean-up for a couple of hours...please help.   The most needed but less high profile and unattractive role--reminds me of cleaning up my room as a teenager!)

Tuesday 19th December break up meeting. 

See you in a next week

The Glass Soldier    Don Farrands

Don Farrands, commercial lawyer, accountant, trombone player and past and current holder of board style roles on various community driven groups was introduced by Chair of the day Geoff Dumayne.

His topic was driven by his own personal connection to World War 1 veteran and grandfather Nelson Ferguson.    This interest had invoked his research into old documents of Nelson and in particular his stretcher bearer role on the Western Front and aspects of battles such as the Somme, Bullecourt, Ypres and Villers-Bretonneux.  

It has culminated in Don’s authorship of “The Glass Soldier” a fascinating and incisive book on WW1.  Don gave the audience an overview of the book complete with some outstanding pictorial aspects of the time and conflict.    Nelson, the essential focus of the book had been a well-educated young man employed as an Art Teacher in the Ballarat area before enlisting and several of his drawings of events were shown. 

The book extends beyond the conventional WW1 events to track Nelson’s life thereafter and consider themes on the British-Australian interaction, religion, mate-ship and the role of the broader community at the time.   On a philosophical note Don explained that concepts of “virtue” and “morality” at the time and subsequently during the times of Nelson’s long life are explored.

There was outstanding point of the book and a wonderful end.    In April 1918 at the third battle at Ypres, Nelson was exposed to enemy bombardments of mustard gas laced shells and like many soldiers suffered physically.   In particular he was sight impaired with eye/cornea damage and albeit later employable at RMIT (Workers College) as a disabled art teacher was severally handicapped throughout his life, eventually reaching the status of legally blind.   After a happy marriage and three children, in his twilight years, about 1960 Nelson “out of the blue” receives a simple letter from the Government informing him that because of his past war service he has access to one free cornea transplant!

Checking this out with an eye specialist at the time leads nowhere in view of his perceived frailty.  Several years later in 1969, a link to another eye specialist, a  Dr Hardy-Smith was explored.   Success!   A cornea transplant restored his vision.   Amazing after so many years.

Don explained that any royalties from his book go to the Fred Hollows Foundation that now well-known group which worldwide conducts operations to relieve cataracts and restore sight to individuals in underdeveloped countries. 

Report   Thursday Meeting at Auburn Bowls

The club’s efforts to offer a Thursday evening option to prospective young members who may not be able to attend regular Tuesday lunch meetings have been trialing for a few occasions now.   Last Thursday it was combined with a fund-raising feature at Auburn Bowls.    A guest speaker talked of our project in the northern remote area of the Philippines, i.e. that one where we are helping fund the construction of a school toilet block.  The report built around a series of photos showed most satisfactory progress. 

Surpassing any regular lunch meeting, a second speaker was scheduled.  An interesting account of a rotary sponsored water purification unit and examples of its actual use again highlighted how Rotary dollars are utilized 100% in overseas projects.  Tapping freely into international links was once again exemplified by both speakers.

Many regulars attended too.    In view of the attendance not sure in the snaps below just who is a Tuesday lunch or Thursday evening specialist, although one wonders if "young" is an appropriate adjective.     



The Shadow
The Shadow attended his/her first Thursday evening session, the recent one held at the Auburn Bowls Club.  Most enjoyable to hear TWO speakers and the opportunity to contribute to the Phillipines project.   Both the update on the facilities there and then a short presentation by Endeavour Hills RC on the use of the portable water purification unit were fine.
As always The Shadow observed and or overhead comments from within the audience.   First there was the almost universal one typified by this quote  "Big thanks to  Mick Flinn for his work on the  bbq and also to Katrina for organising the food on the night".
Then there was the mysterious disappearance of a couple of our members into  the adjacent Bowls library  at the end of the formalities!  The Shadow learnt later they joined their card playing (bridge) mates who evidently meet there every Thursday evening.   Talk about successful matching of commitments, clearly a  great example.
Make-ups and Apologies

Lawrence Reddaway always seeks to finalize numbers by Sunday 10pm by collating  responses to attendance at the next meeting.   So please try the electronic response (or phone) or even carrier pidgeon!    Forewarn of any guests at the same time.   This minimizes catering costs. 

Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

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Nov 28, 2017
Doing Good In The World
Doing Good In The World
So what does Rotary do?  Who is assisted with the endeavours of Rotarians?  Where does Rotary operate?  What difference does Rotary make?  What has been achieved? What does the future hold?  Why are we Rotarians?  The ethos of Rotary will be examined by our very own member PP, PDG and PHF  Bernie Walshe
Chair:  TBC
Dec 05, 2017
Boroondara Neighbourhood Watch
Dec 12, 2017
Dec 19, 2017
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