The Shadow wonders where all the golfers are hiding:  Poor Noel Halford can’t sleep for worrying about the numbers for the Golf Day on 28th October.  
Rotarians are slow enough to commit to anything, but apparently Rotarian golfers are even worse.
Help Noel get some sleep, by telling him how many golfers you will bring along. PLEASE! 
Not only is Noel organising the Golf Day, he wrote a nice report on "The Welcome Dinner" for your bulletin, and he has organised to have our former member Andrew Donald speak at the monthly evening meeting. Andrew is now back from China, and members will no doubt be keen to hear about the opportunities he found there. 
So, well done Noel: take a lolly from the jar!
And great work, Ngaire Cannon, for planning more home hosting dinners:  these can be great fun, and they build lasting friendships.
What a great opportunity to get to know some of our new members better. 
And for those newer members, we include a photo of what Hawthorn Rotary Club meeting looked like, 'way back in the fifties.