A welcome guest was Declan Negus, who told us of his experience at RYLA last year. He said the challenge to values and opportunities to compare ideas were invaluable, and he learned a lot from the experience. His presentation and public speaking ability confirmed this. He has been invited back to participate in RYLA 2018, so we shall see him at Monbulk in early December. 
How did our famous golfers fare at the Golf Day? Well done Chris Hanson,won the prize for the straightest drive. But the others clearly need some tuition: The Shadow isn’t holding his breath to see who will offer to join Jack Nicklausfor a few holes. Oh yes, and donate US$250,000 to the Rotary Foundaation to become an Arch Klumph Fellow at the same time. Just form a queiue over there, golfers. 
Five Medical Practitioners sitting together? It must have made the others at the table feel squeamish. Perhaps the good doctors wee discussing how to make an infusion of digitalis, or some other cutting edge medical research.  Peter Lugg, Gordon Cheyne, Kevin Rose, Tilak Dissanayake and John Carre-Riddell, be prepared for a fine. 
But they could have been discussing the Australian Skeptics’ Bent Spoon Award,  into the world of social media health 'influencers'.
This year’s Spoon award went to Sarah Stevenson, aka Sarah’s Day, for spreading misinformation about health via her online following of over 1 million people, made up largely of young women.
 Stevenson has no qualifications in health, but promotes herself as “a holistic health and fitness youtuber” via a YouTube channel, blog and podcast.
This was an important award, with implications way beyond the remit of the Skeptics – the potential for serious negative health consequences for the social media audience.
60 Minutes has now covered a similar situation, investigating the “clean living” movement, particularly Loni Jane, described as “Australia’s Wellness Queen”.
Still on the medical front, Noel McInnes phoned David Rosbackto enquire how he was feeling. David was in the gym at Epworth Camberwell Rehab, working hard on his rehabilitation. With dedication like that, we should see him back at Rotary soon. 
Our other “sickie” Joe Devereaux, continues as always across the road from Kooyong Tennis Club: Doctors  John Carre-Riddell and Tilak Dissanayake visited him after the meeting: Joe is cheerful and talkative (what else?) but fairly housebound. Hang in there, Joe!