The Shadow overheard a Yank staying in a posh Scottish Hotel, in the bar, on his smartphone.
He needed wi-fi log-in password.
He asked the barman: “What’s the wi-fi password?”
“You have to buy a drink first.” was the reply.
“O.K. Give me a Scotch and soda, please”
The barman served him, and he paid up.
Then he asked “So what’s the wi-fi password?”
“You have to buy a drink first.  Lower case, no spaces. ”
The waiting game
The Shadow was on the lookout for straying members at Wimbledon, as Novak Djokovic was once again a winner. 
The annual Wimbledon tournament is ostensibly about tennis. But it’s also about The Queue (proper noun, mind you), one of the most famous queues in the world.
This iconic ticket queue comes with its own 30-page rulebook that covers everything from the maximum size of your bag to the type of vessel from which you can sip your Pimm’s.
Derpite all the possibilities for social gaffes, no members misdemeanors were spotted. (sigh)