Posted by Katrina Flinn
The Welcome Dinner Project is coming to Hawthorn on 16th September 2018!
The event is a collaboration between Rotary Hawthorn and NFP Joining the Dots. 
Some members will recall the presentation by Lauren Plant from Joining the Dots on the Welcome Dinner project that we had at our Thursday evening meeting. The dinner (or in this case a lunch) is a Community Lunch whereby we connect existing residents with newly arrived residents (up to 5 years in Australia). It is a way to build connections across various communities.
 Everyone brings a plate to share from their own cultural background. In the case of a Community dinner, it is more a series of lunches with each table sharing the dishes, with the opportunity to mingle and taste leftovers afterwards.  
Would you like to know more about the Welcome Dinner Project ?
or you can check out their Promo Video
What do I need from you?
1. if you know anyone that is new to the area and/or Australia, invite them to our lunch (flyer is attached). Do you have any new neighbours? (Please let me know if you would like any hard copy printouts and I can bring them to a meeting )
2. we need Rotarians to participate in the lunch , as part of the quota of existing residents. This event is a chance to put your social and networking skills to use and to showcase & be an ambassador for Rotary and our Club.
 If you would like to be a part of this Event please get onto Eventbrite via the link and register. 
The broader community is also being invited to attend, so it would be a shame if Club members are not well represented, so we do need to Book asap.
The link to view the Eventbrite bookings page is
3. volunteer to personally present the opportunity to a couple of select groups such as the Conversational English group held at the various Boroondara libraries (let Katrina know if you can assist). Nothing beats a personal approach!
Please let me know if you have any queries
Regards Katrina