Posted on Feb 27, 2018
Auburn Bowls club through their member and our member David Pisterman opened up their facility for last Tuesday's meeting of Hawthorn Rotary.  Brian Reid was on the scene early collecting $10 from each who dared to attend the casual lunch.
Judging from the noise and extended pre formalities time the fellowship was strong.  Eventually President Katrina, complete with geese!, had to take control and in a succinct delivery reminded the meeting of the need for universal contribution to share the load on projects and admin.  Hence Quo Vadis!
Katrina raised some new projects/event inviting members to become involved, a market sourcing store, the forthcoming charter anniversary, a new citizens dinner and enhanced Facebook utilization.
Finally the lunch concluded after a few key reminders, namely the breadth of the Club Runner tool for simple things like member lists, the ongoing Trachoma 2020 Rotary project, and Foundation contributions.