Posted on Mar 06, 2018
Geoff Carr runs a series of "Star Safraris" in the Northern Territory.  The business is built around three portable telescopes (11 inch) and Geoff's enthusiasm for and knowledge of astronomy especially our Solar System.  The audience gained an appreciation of both and his skill to entertain a wide range of people with simple lay knowledge of the stars with a cleverly designed program.
Geoff who entered university at the age of 34 and embraced astronomical science at 40 told of his journey into this field.  His exploits extend to writing regular items on the topic in local NT newspapers under the caption the "Territory Stargazer".  A big part of his repertoire is the history of astronomy and here we learnt about early Greek astronomers who seemed to have a fair understanding of the facts, through the lesser Middle age periods of inactivity to the revolutionaries of Kepler and Galileo in reformation times.
Geoff's stated approach to imparting knowledge to his audience and doubtless many safari participants is to focus on "beauty and fun".  It came through in a very enjoyable presentation.