Posted on May 22, 2018
One can read that "Husna Pasha is a Melbourne based business woman, author, media personality, stand-up comedian and public speaker"
As a recent guest to our lunch meeting we got an insight into her story, her thinking and her drive.  Beneath that comedic and self deprecating persona Husna gave an highly entertaining and yet thought provoking account of her experiences and her philosophy on life.
The title "Escapee from a Corporate World" hints at how she has evolved from a regulated conventional life plan to one where she does her own thing all driven by a desire for a happy (yet far from selfish) life style.

We heard that she is an Indian Australian, who was raised in the small city/town New Norfolk in Tasmania by her well educated and hard working and family oriented parents--employed in the health industry.   

After an early but unhappy adult period following the conventional norm of early marriage in anticipation of a regular wife role, Kusna entered the corporate world after studying occupational therapy.   She is a mother of two, a wife and a Muslim woman.

After  18 years of corporate focus Kusna's entreprenueral flair saw her start her own live on stage talk show in 2015.  Her underlying aim is to empower people to have a happy life.

She has been  a Guest Host on The Project,  and appeared numerous times in the media due to an initiative called 'Speed date a Muslim'.  Her profile is such that she is successfully now speaking at many events to motivate and inspire people to take the right step forward in their lives.  Listening to her short address made many of us question our own goals.

Many in the audience could relate to Kusna's experiences and observations about present days issues re diversity, feminism and equality and society's and the media's pressure for "political correctness" .

"Alisha's Café Collective" at 313 Lygon St in East Brunswick run by Kusna is a vegetarian café with a difference.  It provides a forum for exhibitions and discussion events.