Jul 18, 2023
Tamara Cannon
Lille Fro, At Kooyong

Tamara is the founder and executive director of Lille Fro.


In 2008, Tamara packed up corporate life to work on her own project. While in Asia and with time on her side, Tamara pulled out a map, closed her eyes and pointed to a spot. Her finger landed on Mt Everest, Nepal.


Captivated by the Himalayas, Tamara was inspired to climb the perfect peak. A search which lead her to Ladakh in the north of India.


On one climbing trip, Tamara met a little girl living in destitute circumstances. Like many children in her village, this child had never been to school. Tamara decided to pay for her education.

Seeing first hand the difference she had made to this child's life, Tamara realised she could not turn her back on other children in similar circumstances. The seed had been planted and Lille Fro had begun.


M.C.:  Henry Drury