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Mar 22, 2018
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Note: Not Meeting At Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

A historical walk through the original Hawthorn Village (now West Hawthorn) conducted by Libby Love of Hawthorn Historical Society.
The plan is to meet at the corner of Wood and Denham streets Hawthorn, walk for around 1 1/4 hour (from 11.45am), & then go for lunch at the Elgin Inn in Hawthorn Village on Burwood Road from 1pm
Numbers for the walk limited to 25 ($10 per person for the walk only).
Please come dressed for the weather.
Members who can't join us for the walk are very welcome to join us for lunch
**Please contact President Katrina for more details**
Mar 27, 2018

Malaria Vaccine Project

Dai is a member of the Rotary e-ClubNextGen (District 9640),  Past District Governor 2012-2013 (D9600)  and an 'Ambassador Coordinator - Malaria Vaccine Project (D9640)'.

Malaria is a serious, sometimes fatal, disease that is caused by a parasitic infection of the red blood cells.
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each year, more than 200 million people are infected with malaria worldwide.Malaria is a common problem in areas of Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Unless precautions are taken, anyone living in or travelling to a country where malaria is present can contract the disease.

Chair: Dennis Shore

(Photo Credit:  Malaria Vaccine Project)


Apr 10, 2018

ANZACS - The Significance of the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux April 24th 1918


Dr Robert Webster is the State  Victorian President of the RSL.

Presented by the Rotary Clubs of the Riverside Cluster (Glenferrie, Hawthorn, Kew and Yarra Bend).

Hosted by Rotary Glenferrie.



Apr 17, 2018
Apr 18, 2018
11:45 AM – 2:15 PM
Apr 22, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Monash in Love, And War


'General Sir John Monash was a brilliant and exalted industrialist, war hero, and head of the Victorian SEC.
Yet, in 1930, although he was the PM’s choice, the Cabinet would not endorse him as the first Australian born Governor General.
Why? Because his private life was too unconventional.
Neil's play examines Monash’s  choices that he made, and the dissent they invoked. It also explores the Great War and its affects on morality, and otherwise.
Much admired by the King, adored by his troops and the public, Monash was a very great Australian. But he was also a driven man seized of extreme and adventurous passions. This was nowhere better evidenced than in his unrestrained romances with the three great loves of his life'.

Chair: Chris Hanson

Apr 24, 2018
Apr 26, 2018
6:15 PM – 9:00 PM

The Men's Shed

David Mee is employed by Uniting AgeWell as the Men’s Shed Officer for the Hawthorn Men’s Shed.
By background he is a Mechanical Design Draftsman, and has worked in the ship building and industrial furnace industries.
Come and listen to the wonderful story of how the Men’s Shed at Uniting AgeWell Hawthorn came to be established and the important role it has in the community.

Chair:  Sheridan Brown

(Photo Credit:  Australian Men's Shed Association).

May 01, 2018

Purple Cloak

Matt  Maudlin has created a new housing concept for folks living in rooming houses. He writes: 'Many people find themselves in rooming houses through a series of unfortunate events. Such people are able to live independently within the community .... with a little bit of community support. 

We will operate The Purple Cloak projects. This housing venture is completely dependent upon the community getting behind it; we are NOT seeking any levels of Government support. My belief is that an issue as hideous as homelessness will only end when we as a community stand up and say 'enough!'

Chair:  Charlotte England

May 08, 2018

Chairman, Board of Directors, Reclink

A Director since 2005 and current Chairperson, David has been associated with Reclink Australia for over 10 years, having been a co-founder of the Salvo Hawks Football Team.
Previously, David was the Vice President and a Founding Executive Committee member for SHARC (Self Help Addiction Resource Centre).

He has also been a member for the University of Melbourne’s - Faculty of Medicine, Self Help Research Advisory Committee and received the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award in 2009.

David is  a passionate member of the Hawthorn Football Club.

Chair: Noel Halford



May 15, 2018

'What Leadership Looks Like As A Corporate Escapee'

Husna writes:
I am a Corporate escapee and have started my very own business which is an enormous project that I have taken on.
I will talk about
- the life of leadership and the importance of 'all inclusivity' as well as the necessity for diversity through our communities to achieve greatness
- and  will be touching on the importance of collaboration and the incredible effect it can have on one's life.
- will share my own personal experience of exclusion and what steps I took to step out, be brave and put goals into action.
- and I will talk about my current initiative

Chair: President Katrina Flinn

Photo Credit: The Indian Weekly

May 22, 2018
May 24, 2018
6:15 PM – 8:30 PM

Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print

Charles Troedel was a 19th century lithographer and founder of the Melbourne based firm, Troedel & Co, Printers & Lithographers. The Troedel family donated its corporate archive to the State Library of Victoria in 1968.  It contains nearly 10,000 print specimens, produced by the firm since its founding in 1863, and includes advertising posters, product labels and other ephemera.  The archive will be showcased in a lavishly-illustrated book, Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print, which will be published by Melbourne Books in 2019.  This presentation will provide a preview of the book, which traces the history of 19th century Australian print advertising, and present some of the most iconic images from the collection.

Dr Amanda Scardamaglia is the Department Chair of the Swinburne Law School. Amanda’s area of research is intellectual property law with a special focus on empirical and historical studies in trade mark law, branding, advertising and the consumer. Amanda was a State Library of Victoria Creative Fellow in 2015-2016 and was awarded a residential fellowship at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management at Bournemouth University in 2017.  She is the author of the book Colonial Australian Trade Mark Law: Narratives in Lawmaking, People, Power and Place (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2015) and editor of the peer-reviewed journal Legal History. Her second book, Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print, will be published by Melbourne Books in 2019, in collaboration with the State Library of Victoria.

Photo credit: National Portrait Gallery

Chair: Bill Troedel



May 29, 2018
Jun 02, 2018

The Cold War Games

Over the last three years, Dr Harry Blutstein has been combing through ASIO files and archives from Hungary, Russia and the US.  From declassified documents Dr Blutstein tells previously unknown Cold War stories about the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, showing that show they were anything but 'friendly.' As well as these, Dr Blutstein re-tells the 'Blood in the Water' semi-final between the USSR and Hungary, showing how the violence was politically motivated.

His book on these events, Cold War Games, was described by The Age as "highly informed and entertaining, capturing the subterranean tensions running through the Games."

Dr Blutstein is an adjunct professor at RMIT University and has a BSc, BA in history and a PhD. Since 1972, he has worked on and off as a freelance journalist, with feature articles and opinion pieces appearing in Australian newspapers and magazines '.

Chair:  David Rush

Jun 05, 2018

Changeover On Thursday 14th June (Night Meeting)

Please see further information under the 'Events' part of the website.

Jun 12, 2018
Jun 13, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Jun 14, 2018
6:15 PM – 10:00 PM

Various TBA


Chair: Ian Bentley

Jun 19, 2018
Jun 19, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Jun 20, 2018
9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Social Media Demystified

Come and listen and learn, gain valuable knowledge and have some fun.

Chair: President Katrina Flinn

(her last meeting as President!).

Jun 26, 2018
Jun 27, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Club Vision-Revisited


Chair: Ian Bentley

Jul 03, 2018
Jul 11, 2018
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Break The Silence

The Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA) was established in 2016 to support women and their families who are suffering postnatally from physical and /or psychological trauma resulting from the birth process as well as the education and support for the range of health professionals who work with pre and postnatal women.

Did you know? 
15% of all women who give birth naturally (ie: not through caesarean) suffer permanent life changing injury. This is a significant women's health issue that does not get talked about and receives almost no support'.

Amy Dawes ins the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Australasian Birth Trauma Association.

Chair: Ian Bentley




Jul 17, 2018
Jul 17, 2018
12:30 PM – 4:15 PM
Jul 19, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Assistant District Governor 9800

You may think you know about Rotary Assistant District Governors....

However, you may not have heard about our own Nick Pane!

Come and listen to the incredile story of Nick!

Chair: Noel Halford

Jul 24, 2018

The Inspiring Story Of The Karen People And Nhill

Come and listen to the inspiring story of the  Karen refugees and Nhill.

John and Margaret Millington OAMs (that's them in the attached photo) are community trail blazers.  They also have been a driving force in settling Karen refugees in Nhill.

One report said that.... 'an impact study has found the resettlement program has added $40 million to the town's economy, and led to the creation of 70 full-time jobs'.

You may have seen the story on SBS, or in other media. It's a truly inspirational story.

Chair: Noel Halford

Photo Credit: The Weekly Advertiser


Jul 31, 2018

Strengthening Our Club...The Top Ways

We remember Past Distrcit 9800 Governor, Neville John's inspiring and entertaining address to our club during his year as Governor.

Neville is now Director of Membership in our District and has some excellent suggestion and tips for the components of a vibrant, healthy club.

Chair: Ian Bentley



Aug 07, 2018
Aug 08, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:30 PM

UPDATE: The Cambodia Project

Come and hear an inspiring update from our member, Peter Lugg regarding what Rotary Hawthorn's work in sending goods has meant to Cambodian hospitals.

You will recall that 'Peter has a particular interest in the people of Cambodia and assists in alleviating their medical conditions where possible, and to quote him ‘Cambodia is beguiling and feels like home’.  He finds time to be in Cambodia every 5 to 8 weeks.  

Peter’s work is primarily with the poorest Cambodians (approx. 30% of the population) who generally cannot access any medical advice as they just don’t have the means to pay.  Most of it revolves around orthopaedics and hip replacements'.

Chair:  Gordon Cheyne

Aug 14, 2018

Please Note

Aug 21, 2018

Women in the Middle East


Chair: TBA

Aug 28, 2018
Sep 16, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:30 PM

No Meeting

We are having a "Welcome Dinner' on 16th September.

Sep 18, 2018