Posted on Mar 27, 2018


Yet again our last lunch meeting was different.   So last Tuesday at about 11.30 many members and friends suitably attired in walking gear and hats many of dubious quality met at the corner of Woods and Denhamn streets just overlooking the Hawthorn Bridge at the intersection of Church and Burwood roads.   Guide was to be the president of the Hawthorn Historical Society Elizabeth Love.  

Elizabeth was superb with some wonderful knowledge of the first days of the West Hawthorn community and fascinating photo images, maps and stories of that time.    Most intriguing was the comparison between those old images and the scene today.   One saw the banks of Yarra untouched, but with local vegetation and natural inclines. There were images of  the early settlers efforts to cross the river from the Melbourne side to Hawthorn with first a punt, then a wooden bridge.  It was hard to reconcile that against the backdrop today, with Melbourne skyscrapers providing the background to the present  bridge at the end of Bridge Road.

Stories of the lives of some key early residents added to the growing nostalgia in the minds of our members especially those of us who have spent most of their life time in Hawthorn and nearby.    In the course of the walk around the area some of us recalled past events about happenings and buildings with which they were involved.   

Elizabeth noted this.   She asked to remind everyone to email her with their information, photos and stories of their houses and life in the early days of Hawthorn and its surrounds to her.  The local historical group is always interested to add to its knowledge  bank.